179 votes separates DeVilbiss from Halter in the Matsu Mayoral Race

179 votes separates DeVilbiss from Halter in the Matsu Mayoral Race

At last count, only 179 votes separates Larry DeVilbiss from Vern Halter’s slim lead in the Matsu Mayoral Race, with more than 1600 absentee and 200 questioned ballots to count.

While campaigning, Halter gained strong financial support from labor unions, although DeVilbiss was endorsed by the Valley’s state legislative delegation. Halter raised more than 54 thousand dollars for his campaign, about two times the amount DeVilbiss had in his campaign chest.

The Borough’s canvass board meets Wednesday to start counting absentee and questioned ballots. The deadline to receive absentee ballots is Friday.

Voter turnout was light in the Valley, with 13 point 3 percent at the polls.. Of the 64, 571 registered voters in the Borough, 8,646 cast ballots.

Mat Su voters also decided on three Borough Assembly seats on Tuesday.

In the District 6 race, Barbara Doty bested challenger Bob Doyle with 597 votes compared with Doyle’s 466. Doyle Holmes won the District 7 Assembly seat over Randall Kowalke, and in District 3, George McKee beat challenger Maria Serrano.

Mat Su voters resoundingly turned down a ballot proposition that would have moved the Borough election day back a month to November. But a proposition to restrict school board candidates to election by district gained overwhelming voter approval.

Election results remain unofficial until certification on October 20.

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  1. I don’t understand how a conservative borough keeps electing liberals like Halter. I guess the 13% pathetic voter turnout may be one reason.


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