300 Bethel Children Lost Their School

300 Bethel Children Lost Their School

The City of Bethel is working towards declaring a state of emergency after a fire destroyed the Kilbuck campus, housing two schools and dorm buildings.

“We have approximately 300 school children that just lost their school and all the disruptions to that community,” Mayor Rick Robb said,  presenting the proposed declaration at Tuesday’s city council meeting after contacting the Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management earlier that day.

“And it says, City of Bethel Proclamation Declaring a State of Disaster in the City of Bethel,” he said.

The documents lists the immediate aftermath of the fire— students “without a place of education” and some “without permanent housing;” the city incurring sever costs fighting the fire; damage to the city’s only ladder truck; and, “The school buildings are damaged beyond repair.”

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