Anybody Home? …Amy? …Amy, Is that you?

Anybody Home? …Amy? …Amy, Is that you?

In the Alaska Daily Planet commentary on the “non-returned” phone calls from the Mayor: The paper that used to be our Good Morning Newspaper this morning carried a stock question-and-answer piece in which the reporter quoted Mayor Ethan Berkowitz as saying everything is peachy-keen in mayorship – but, he added, Assembly Amy Demboski would not return his telephone calls.

Oh, he is sure, the story says, he can work with her and blah-blah-blah. Demboski, if you will recall, lost to Berkowitz in the last mayoral election, a highly spirited affair with leftover hard feelings in some quarters.

Today’s Alaska Dispatch News story gives no indication that the reporter called Demboski to ask her why she was not returning hizzoner’s calls. You would think that would have been the first call after the interview. But, no.

The effect of letting him have his say, and her saying nothing made her look just a little petty.

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It turns out, she says, Berkowitz has not called her since shortly after the election, despite his laments to the contrary. She even offers her phone records to show that is the case.

See Full Story at Alaska Daily Planet



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