Big Lake’s Big Question: To be or not to be… (a new city)

Big Lake’s Big Question:  To be or not to be… (a new city)

Registered voters in Mat-Su Borough’s Big Lake have been sent mail-in ballots due by October 27th following approval from a petition to the Alaska Local Boundary Commission to ask whether residents want a second-class city and a local 3.09 mill level (tax) to pay for road services.

A debate was held Saturday night, October 10th, at the Big Lake Lion’s Club Recreation Center. At the meeting Wasilla Mayor Bert Cottle moderated the debate and noted that 2,100 ballots were mailed from the Division of Elections and 300 were returned with bad addresses.

Residents attending fell on both sides of the “Yes” and “No” arguments. During the debate comparisons were made to neighboring City of Houston’s failed structure and the City of Wasilla’s higher costs, albeit a first-class city, mixed with varying reviews on Mat-Su Borough’s effectiveness in financial oversight, making for a thoughtful debate.

Mat-Su Borough’s only cities are Palmer, Wasilla and Houston.

APE has solicited opinion editorials from both sides of the Big lake incorporation issue. The OpEds will be published this week.

Here’s the KTUU Channel 2 News report.




  1. Totally disagree Mr. Stattuck. Nearly every opponent to the incorporation admits he or she favors Big Lake becoming a city within the next decade. So whay not start now? Dependence on the Borough when BL has so many people, and more coming, makes it prudent to begin teh foundation NOW. Why compare to failed cities like Houston?? That’s unfair to ANY community assessing whether to incorporate (e.g. Look at Houston – it’s failing…you will too).

  2. Vote No! This will turn into a juggernaut and it can’t be stopped. You think roads are the only thing that will be taxed for? Ask your neighbor Houston what “taxes” means. We suffer and Big Lake should learn from our mistakes.


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