Juneau Mayor’s Death Autopsy Report Due Today

Juneau Mayor’s Death Autopsy Report Due Today

Juneau Police Department communications manager Erann Kalwara confirmed that injuries were discovered on Mayor Greg Fisk’s body. She couldn’t share the details about the nature of the injuries.

An autopsy for the late Juneau mayor is scheduled for Wednesday. Juneau Police have said they can’t determine a cause of death for 70-year-old Greg Fisk without those results.

Fisk was discovered dead inside his home on Kennedy Street on Monday afternoon.

After the autopsy is conducted, Kalwara says police will know more about the cause of death. Preliminary information is expected later this week. Juneau Police Department remains the sole investigator on the death despite offers for assistance.

City meetings scheduled for Monday night were cancelled. Deputy Mayor Mary Becker assumed the mayor’s role and has added the missed agenda items to the assembly’s next regular meeting onDec. 21.

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