Pope Francis Reached Out to Senator Murkowski

Pope Francis Reached Out to Senator Murkowski

While it was forbidden for the congressional escorts to move from his or her designated place, reach out or even touch the Pope, the Catholic Church Leader himself reached out to one of lawmakers whose hands are full with colorful rosaries.

lisa and popeSenator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, a Republican lawmaker, was holding her rosary beads while standing along the hallway when the Pope arrived.

“I had them in my hands, and as he came to where I was in the lineup, I just put my hands out and opened up the cup of my hands with the two rosaries in them, you know, this pocket of colored beads,” the senator told Yahoo News.

She further recalled the moment how the Pope came over and cupped her hands in what seems like a joint prayer, rendering her speechless.

“And he looked at me and he came over and he put his hand on top of the beads and then he took my other hand and he cupped it over the pile of beads and just kind of held it. And I couldn’t speak. So [Sen.] Susan Collins [R-Maine] did the speaking for me. And she welcomed him, which was really good because I couldn’t speak,” the 58-year-old lawmaker narrated.

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