Sullivan Hasn’t Told the Truth to Alaskans

Sullivan Hasn’t Told the Truth to Alaskans

By Rod McCoy – Dan Sullivan has tried to hide who is bankrolling his campaign, but as the election approaches we voters should think very carefully about who is supporting him.

Sullivan’s Ohio family is one of his biggest financial supporters, contributing nearly $1 million to Sullivan’s campaign and Super PACs.  Much of the Sullivan Ohio money comes from RPM, their multi-billion dollar family based in Cleveland.  I’m glad the Sullivans have had business success, but some of their company’s behavior is deeply unethical.

APRN has reported that Sullivan’s family company systematically ripped off the Veterans Administration by overcharging for the price of roofing materials.  RPM overcharged the Veterans Administration by pretending that Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business contractors were responsible for the price hikes, when in fact those inflated prices were set by RPM management.

RPM’s inflated prices are offensive on two levels.  First, they were overcharging the Veterans Administration, which already faces challenges with backlogs and shouldn’t be saddled with extra costs.

Second, RPM’s abuse of the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business program discredits the many honorable veterans who run legitimate small business contracting firms.

I don’t know anyone with moral fiber who would make such unethical and offensive business decisions.  Fortunately for veterans, taxpayers, and the Veterans Administration, Sullivan’s family company got caught.  RPM had to pay a $65 million settlement under the False Claims Act.

Sullivan has accepted campaign cash from RPM without any questions.  He has never criticized or even acknowledged his family company ripping off taxpayers and the Veterans Administration.

If Sullivan doesn’t see any moral problems with ripping off veterans and taxpayers, and thinks its fine to do that if his family makes money, then I don’t think we can trust him to make ethical decisions as a Senator.



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