TransCanada Buyout Looks Unavoidable

TransCanada Buyout Looks Unavoidable

Lawmakers now say it’s all but inevitable the legislature will approve the governor’s request to buy out TransCanada and take a larger stake in the Alaska LNG project. A vote is expected early next week.

TransCanada itself has testified in favor of the buyout.

But even as they prepare to approve the deal, lawmakers are raising concerns about the state’s ability to take the company’s place at the table.

In a hearing on Wednesday, TransCanada director Vincent Lee explained that that arrangement only works if there’s a melding of the minds – and when Gov. Bill Walker’s administration took over from previous Gov. Sean Parnell, that was no longer the case.

“As we see, the administration is thinking about doing the project in a different way,” Lee said. “We don’t feel the alignment is as strong as it used to be. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, it’s just that, you know, we are approaching the project from a different angle.”

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