Walker on Gas Project: Got It Covered

Walker on Gas Project: Got It Covered

As the legislature closes out the first week of its special session on the Alaska LNG gas line project, there’s one question in the air — what’s the hold up?

That’s because lawmakers appear to agree on the one major issue on the table: buying out TransCanada, and taking a larger stake in the project.

But Republican leaders in the House say they’re not yet ready to take a vote — and they won’t be until they’re convinced the state has a plan to take over TransCanada’s role in the project.

“I’ve been asking for months now, who is coordinating the efforts of all the state departments, and I haven’t got that answer yet…there is no one person in the administration now who you can go to to get the majority of your questions answered.”

Chenault and other lawmakers want to know which agency will be taking over TransCanada’s role vetting and voting on project decisions.

Gov. Bill Walker says the answer is pretty simple.

I ask him, “So when the Legislature says, where does the buck stop on the Alaska gasline project?”

“It’s right here in this office,” Walker says.

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