Alaska Budget Bananas

Alaska Budget Bananas

Alaska Budget Discussion and Articles from around the State:

Thinking about Alaska and her Alaska sized budget debacle.

Alaska ferry system could face more budget cuts December 11, 2015 ~ SFGate

New Sustainable Alaska Plan December 10, 2015 ~ Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott

Business groups prepare to reshape details of Walker’s budget plan December 10, 2015 ~ Jeannette Lee Falsey

Gov. Walker rolls out Permanent Fund budget proposal November 29 ~ James Brooks

Facing budget crisis, Alaska law department changes plea bargain policy November 19, 2015 ~ Austin Baird

Oil likely to stay below $80 a barrel until 2020, IEA forecasts Nov 16, 2015 ~ Larry Persily

Taking stock of Alaska’s fiscal picture, Part 1 November 15, 2015 ~ John Havelock

Budget cuts force closure of Haines Forestry office November 14, 2015 ~ Pat Forgey

Alaska close to recession, if not there already, economist says November 13, 2015 ~ Jeannette Lee Falsey and Zaz Hollander

Alaska Politicians Eye Sacred Oil Checks Amid Budget Deficit Nov 12, 2015 ~ Becky Bohrer

Positive reviews for fiscal plan, but budget gap remains  November 04, 2015 ~ Tim Bradner

Alaska budget cuts lead to less fishing opportunity November 4, 2015 ~ Joe Viechnicki

Times are tough, but a University of Alaska budget increase is well worth the stretch November 3, 2015 ~ Jim Johnsen

Oil’s Plunge Puts Alaska Budget in Deep Hole November 1, 2015 ~ Timothy Puko

Endowment plan for Permanent Fund would add stability to chaotic budget October 30, 2015 ~ Dermot Cole

Gov. Walker rolls out Permanent Fund budget proposal Oct 29, 2015 ~ James Brooks

Gov. Walker looks at leveraging wealth to pay for Alaska budget Oct 28, 2015 ~ Becky Bohrer

Nonprofits cite economic impact as budgets tighten October 21, 2015 ~  Elwood Brehmer

Alaska doesn’t have to be a one-trick pony October 18, 2015 ~ Sarah Willson

It’s time for Alaska to pony up in taxes — and guard the Permanent Fund October 8, 2015 ~ Clem Tillion

Alaska budget chief: Cuts only one piece of Alaska fiscal picture October 5, 2015 ~ Max Buxton

Reflections of Alaska’s fiscal situation September 24, 2015 ~ Joseph W. Geldhof

Think you’re savvy about Alaska’s fiscal plight? Take this test  September 12, 2015 ~ Cliff Groh

Alaska’s fiscal and economic future September 11, 2015 ~Lori Townsend

Lawmakers ask for big savings from justice reform effort September 8, 2015 ~ Nathaniel Herz

Walker administration to propose changes to oil tax credit system September 8, 2015 ~ Nathaniel Herz

In cutting their own budget, Alaska lawmakers drop ax on research staff September 7, 2015 ~ Pat Forgey

Poll: Alaskans prefer new revenue over deep cuts, including tapping Permanent Fund August 13, 2015 ~ Alex DeMarban

Despite budget crisis, legislative leaders unwilling to address revenue options August 8, 2015 ~ Nathaniel Herz

Walker, lawmakers need Alaskans to back tough decisions ahead July 15, 2015 ~ Tim Bradner

Oil tax credits veto simply reflects Alaska’s new reality July 11, 2015 ~ Gov. Bill Walker

With political will, Alaska can solve its revenue problem July 8, 2015 ~ Kate Troll

Walker’s budget moves don’t inspire confidence July 4, 2015 ~ Suzanne Downing

Walker’s oil-tax credit delay breaks a deal and fails to save a dime July 4, 2015 ~ Paul Jenkins

Oil tax credits veto simply reflects Alaska’s new reality July 1, 2015 ~ Governor Bill Walker

Tough Budget Decisions Remain July 1, 2015 ~ Becky Bohrer

Solving Alaska’s Budget Problem June 28, 2015 ~ Kate Troll

With budget crisis, Cook Inlet tax credits deserve increased scrutiny June 27, 2015 Dermot Cole

Alaska’s Financial Situation Offers No Easy Choices June 27, 2015~ Jerry Reinwand

Budget Cuts Sideline 3 of Alaska’s 11 Ferries June 26, 2015 ~ Ed Schoenfeld

Avoiding the Crisis – Frank Murkowski weighs in on the budget June 24, 2015 ~ Suzanne Downing

Legislature should use Permanent Fund for state government June 15, 2015 ~ Former Gov. Frank Murkowski

How does one explain the extended budget gridlock and political squabbling in the Legislature this year? June 15, 2015 ~ Tim Bradner

10 things to consider after ‘Conversation with Alaskans’ on fiscal future June 11, 2015 ~ Bill Hall

Alaska Governor’s FY 2015 Enacted Budget June 11, 2015 ~ Alaska Governor’s Office

Alaska Legislature passes budget and ‘Erin’s Law,’ then adjourns overtime session June 11, 2015 ~ Nathanial Herz

Sustained Conversation about a Sustainable Government – A Perspective on a Weekend in Fairbanks  June 11, 2015 ~ Karl Hanneman

Death and Taxes  June 10, 2015 ~ Pat Race

Alaska’s Budget, Its Oil, and Its Permanent Fund June 4, 2015 ~ Sen. Lesil McGuire

Republican Legislative Leaders Explain Use of Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve Account May 29, 2015 ~ Sen. Kevin Meyer & Rep. Mike Chenault

House leaders push Alaska Permanent Fund earnings as solution to budget crisis May 26, 2015 ~ Pat Forgey & Nathaniel Herz

Finance Committee defends cuts amid bleak budget May 22, 2015 ~ Tim Bradner

How can Alaska solve its fiscal crisis? May 15, 2015 ~ Anne Hillman

Legislators Stuck on a Loop Reviewing Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis April 23, 2015 ~ Craig Tuten

Senate Majority Stands Strong to Address Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis April 22, 2015 ~ AK Business Monthly

Alaska’s Budget Crisis: Early Warning Signs April 1, 2015 ~ Wickersham’s Conscience

A Long View of Alaska’s Budget Crisis March 5, 2015 ~ Annie Ropeik

Kreiss-Tomkins unpacks Alaska’s ‘budget apocalypse’ March 4, 2015 ~ Robert Woolsey

Alaska’s Budget: Restore Order and Sustainability in our Fiscal House ~ Alaska Senate Majority

Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis ~ Resource Development Council

Alaska’s State Budget Collapses by 50% Jan. 28, 2015 ~ Andy Tully

Walker: Alaska’s savings mean budget situation not a ‘crisis’ Jan. 19, 2015 ~ Pat Forgey & Nathaniel Herz

Plunging oil prices force Alaska look for ways to address budget woes Jan. 18, 2015 ~ Becky Bohrer

With budget crisis looming, Alaska governor crowdsources cost-cutting Jan. 6, 2015 ~ Alex DeMarban

In Alaska, budget crisis renews fight for education spending Jan. 6, 2015 ~ Rhonda McBride

Alaska fiscal crisis threatens some of Walker’s plans Dec. 13, 2014 ~ Alex DeMarban

Panelists suggests cuts, tapping permanent fund earnings to solve Alaska’s fiscal crisis Oct 5, 2014 ~ Alex DeMarban

Alaska’s 2015 Budget Priorities and Principles ~ Governor Sean Parnell

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