Pre-Filed Bills

Pre-Filed Bills

The state Legislature released 31 pre-filed bills today. That’s the legislation submitted before lawmakers convene, that they plan to discuss – and possibly vote on – in the next several months.

Dillingham Rep. Bryce Edgmon submitted one of those bills, which would direct the State of Alaska to recognize protective orders issued by tribal governments.

Other pre-files include a bill that get rid of the state’s new Alaska Measures of Progress test, and one that would get rid of the current 90-day limit to the session. In House Bill 221, Republican Mike Hawker offered another take on solving the state’s budget deficit, including a new formula for calculating permanent fund dividends and a state income tax if there isn’t another way to balance the books.

The second batch of pre-files will be released Jan. 15. The second half of the 29th Legislative Session starts Jan. 19 in Juneau.

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