120-Day Session Would Be Budget Efficient

120-Day Session Would Be Budget Efficient

Rep. Sam Kito III wants to repeal the ballot measure that tried to cut the Alaska Legislature’s annual session to down from 120 days to 90.

“My issue with the 90-day session is while we’re trying to be efficient with state funding, I think we are losing opportunities to have adequate time to consider legislation or to consider impacts to the budget. And I think we can, in 120 days, accomplish a lot of work and potentially decrease the need for as many special sessions as we’ve been having recently,” he said. “So I do think it will not increase costs and I’m getting some work done to look at that, and I do think it will make … our state government process work more efficiently.”

Kito’s House Bill 223 is the fourth legislative attempt to change the 90-day session since 2006 when Alaska voters narrowly passed the ballot measure.

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