How “Special” Is It?

chenault-tuck-gara-2016 785x ktooIt definitely was a short day. There wasn’t much action, at least in public. The House met for about 20 minutes and the Senate met for less than 15 minutes. They introduced some of the bills the governor has asked for, and adjourned. The big question is whether they’re going to pick up where they left off last week, or if they’re going to have to start over.

When the regular session ended at midnight last Wednesday, all the bills that hadn’t passed essentially died. But they can be brought back to life. It just takes a two-thirds vote in both Houses. The question is whether they can get that two-thirds vote. That’s what the Republican leadership would like, because if they don’t get that vote, they have to start the bills over and go through the whole committee process again. And then it’s going to be a real slog.

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