NRA Speaks Loudly by Its Silence in Senate Race

NRA Speaks Loudly by Its Silence in Senate Race

From the beginning of his campaign, Dan Sullivan has been gunning for an NRA endorsement. Figuratively and literally (watch his ad where he shoots a TV station and you’ll see what I mean). He’s released many ads trying to claim he’s the only candidate who will stand up for second amendment rights. And he’s made sure to highlight his Marine experience every chance he gets.

But the NRA didn’t endorse him –a significant and embarrassing blow to his campaign. One is left to wonder why a Republican candidate that boasts of such a strong pro-gun record was given the silent treatment by the NRA.  From afar, it seemed like a guarantee that Dan Sullivan would win an endorsement from the NRA.

Might it have something with a part of his record he’s been trying to cover up – even going as far as to lie about it? The reason he felt compelled to spend so much time and money bragging about his pro-gun record?

Dan Sullivan has been campaigning on the completely falsified claim that he passed The Stand Your Ground Law as Attorney General. In reality, he did no such thing.

For one, that law did not pass until after he left office. So how he can claim credit for passing it is beyond me. Second, and by far more troubling for gun owners, he actually issued press releases at the time that criticized the law and advocated to keep a “duty to retreat” provision that would have significantly weakened the intent behind the law.  The letter made it quite clear that Dan Sullivan was no friend to the Stand Your Ground Law – a law that we Alaska gun owners see as essential to protecting our second amendment rights. The letter actually states the law would be, and I quote, a “bad idea” for Alaska.

Dan Sullivan, recognizing this part of his record could really damage his chances for the Senate seat, tried unsuccessfully to explain away the letter. He both claims the letter doesn’t mean he didn’t support the Stand Your Ground Law (a claim that Politifact soundly debunks) and that he didn’t actually write the press release so doesn’t support the letter’s position. Really? Is this the same guy who always saying he was responsible for everything that passed his desk as Attorney General? You can’t have it both ways.

For all of Sullivan’s excuses and pandering, the NRA saw right through him The NRA’s lack of endorsement should send a huge red flag for any gun owner that is considering voting for him.  He is not to be trusted when it comes to protecting our second amendment rights.



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