Top Ten Non-Alaskan Reasons to Replace Begich

Top Ten Non-Alaskan Reasons to Replace Begich

By Eugene Harnett  – We need to keep perspective.

These top ten reasons to remove Mark Begich, produced by Freedom Works for America, might seem distant or disconnected from Alaskan issues.  They are.  And they are not.

As an Alaskan, I have to admit to being more interested in how our senators manage our national affairs than our local ones.

As Alaskans, I believe we have to remember that the senator whom we send to Washington, D.C. will do more national decision-making then localized decision-making.

So, when you look at these top ten reasons to remove Begich, tell me, how many affect solely Alaskan issues?  Right.  None of them.

Yet every single one impacts our nation and ourselves as Americans.

If our nation continues to be saddled with more government, more debt, and more government babysitting over us, then we can expect Alaska will be under its buggy whip, too.  We already felt it when EPA agents last October delivered us an overkill “raid” of an Alaskan mine.

So, in spite of our love for federally funded Alaskan projects, a national perspective on things is why this U.S. Senate seat is vital.  And why these top ten reasons to replace Mark Begich mean something to us in Alaska.

Ten Reasons to Fire Mark Begich



  1. Get your facts straight, 80 percent of the farm bill was for food stamps, snap benefits etc… and had nothing to do with farming. Alaska in the past five years has recieved over 3 billion dollars from the USDA (farm bill funds) over 500 million of this went toward housing thru the Rural Development arm of USDA. Of this 3 billion dollars that came to Alaska 17 million dollars went to programs that are categorized as farm programs, of this 17 million I am venturing to say the lions share went to home gardeners not farmers in the form of high tunnel grants. I would be surprised if 1 million went to Alaska’s farmers.


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