7 Facts About Alaska’s Minimum Wage

7 Facts About Alaska’s Minimum Wage

Alaska is one of 29 states in the country with a higher minimum wage than the federal minimum wage with voters recently approving boosting the level again in 2016. Here are seven interesting facts about the Alaska minimum wage.

1. When the new bump in the Alaska’s minimum wage occurs in 2016, it would more than double what the standard was in 1996.

2. Alaska’s two dollar increase from 2015 to 2016 will mark the biggest increase in the state’s minimum wage during that period.

3. School bus drivers are required to receive double the state’s minimum wage because of a state law passed in 1989. That means bus drivers received a $2 pay increase per hour this year and another next year, climbing to $19.50 in 2016.

5. Alaska had maintained the country’s highest state minimum wage for more than 30 years since becoming a state in 1959.

6. In November 2014, Alaska voters approved Ballot Measure No. 3, a $2 increase in the state’s minimum wage compared to 2015 and 2016 by a wide margin.

7. Alaska’s 69.35 percent approval of the state minimum wage increase was the highest among four other states that passed ballot initiatives in November 2014.

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